Capacity development activities

 The project aimed to support the Serbian Ministry of Interior (MoI) in the development of in-depth organizational management capacities in two key areas of the forthcoming policy focus, with the overall goal to contribute to increasing the cost-efficiency and thus directly enhance public safety, transparency, and EU accession efforts. 

In May 2018, the project continued to build on the results achieved through addition of another component – creation of conditions for introduction of a performance management system. Following the complex organizational changes and investments made to the MoI over the last several years, performance management was identified as a key requirement for reform, in line with the overall government objectives. 

A whole range of various activities was undertaken across all components, from trainings/education, fact-finding and study visits, development of different analyses and strategic documents, support to operational meetings on EU-accession negotiations, conferences, seminars and workshops, to engagement of both international and local experts and communication efforts. These have resulted in improvement of the strategic analysis and planning capacity across many of the key organizational units, and ultimately the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of many important processes within the MoI. In addition, the MoI received crucial support in the EU accession process, which strengthened Moi’s position in the challenging Chapter 24 negotiations. 

The key strategic documents developed under direct project support included the National Strategic Threat & Risk Assessment Document, MoI's Development Strategy for 2018-2023, the Police Directorate Strategic Plan, the MoI HRM Strategy 2016-2020, the MoI communication strategy, and the IBM Strategy and Action Plan.  The project also trained and equipped the MoI HR Department with a new SAP ERP HCM software architecture to modernize many of the HR functions, which are now fully operational.

Over its duration, the project organized a large number of trainings, workshops and seminars on selected topics, e.g. various management courses (general, police, HR performance management, strategic, leadership and project management), EU legal course, monitoring and evaluation, CMI, specialized English language courses, etc. Well over 1,000 MoI employees of all levels, including mid to senior managers, attended the trainings and received relevant certificates.