Courses and educations for managers at MOI in 2017

During the year 2017 a number of courses related to the specific needs of the MoI capacity development and in line with the program and specific program objectives, Supporting the Strategic Management and EU Integration Capacity Development of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior supported by Sida, have been organized and implemented.

Namely, these courses included specialized police management for mid and high level managers, general management for mid- level managers, EU English language course, Introduction to EU and EU legal for MoI employees whose job is directly and/or indirectly connected to EU integrations.


Within 10 specialized police management courses delivered, about 120 participants will receive CMI certificates in this topic and after 6 courses about 140 MoI representatives now have certificates in general management. Approximately 150 MoI representatives dealing with the EU integrations related to Chapter 23 and 24 participated in the courses with topics closely related to their area of engagement and have gained certificates in EU legal courses through 4 regular and 2 advanced courses delivered. The same number of participants attended 5 regular and 3 advanced Introduction to EU courses and will receive certificates within this respective topic. In the same frame of improvement of strategic managers and support to EU integration processes, program provided specialized EU English language courses for about 70 participants and at the same time separate "one to one" English classes for 8 high level representatives of the MoI.


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