Inaguration of the new Data Centre of the Judicial and Prosecutorial System

Prishtina, October 20, 2017 – The Judicial Council, the Prosecutorial Council and the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo through an organized ceremony inaugurated the new Data Centre of the Judicial and Prosecutorial system of the Republic of Kosovo.

The heads of the Judicial and Prosecutorial systems, as well as representatives from other local and foreign agencies, attended the inauguration ceremony. The ICT/CMIS (Information and Communication Technology/Case Management Information System) is being funded by the Norwegian Ambassador to Kosovo, a delegation from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Norwegian Courts Administration.

The new Data Centre was established as part of the ICT/CMIS Project in order to prepare the hardware infrastructure for the digitalization of work processes in the Courts and Prosecutor's Office.

The Chairperson of the KJC, the Chairperson of the KPC, and the Norwegian Ambassador to Kosovo talked to the attendees of the inauguration ceremony about the significance of the Data Centre and the CMIS project in general.

They said that the ICT/CMIS project is a critical project that will help increase the accountability and efficiency of the Republic of Kosovo's judicial and prosecutorial systems.