Development of a legal information service "Law-data System” for the Kosovo Assembly

LawData System presentation

The LawData System is a Legal Information Service which provides online service containing structured and consolidated laws and by-laws of RKS, to ensure easier navigation to the updated or latest legislation applicable in Kosovo and to prevent the usage of superseded or no longer in-force laws and by-laws. The output of this Project, financed by Norwegian Government for the Assembly of Kosovo, is a database comprised of a structured information, and when the user requests to see a certain legal act (law or by-law), the system would collect the current version of all the content that is in effect. Thus, the users are protected from old and no longer applicable legal provisions. The backend representation links the current version of a legal provision, e.g., an article, with its earlier versions. In that way, it is possible to extract provisions in effect on a certain date. The provisions can also be provided with links to related articles - back and forth - in a “hypertext fashion”. The project was implemented by International Management Group- IMG, completed in July 2023.