Case Management Information System

Case Management Information System

Project info 

The Case management Information System - CMIS project is a joint project of the Judicial Council and Kosovo Prosecutorial Council funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for this we are grateful, and we are grateful for the support they are giving to the Kosovo judiciary through CMIS project and other projects. IMG is in charge of the financial and administrative management of the Project ensuring the successful implementation of the project.

The development and the deployment of the CMIS in the Courts and Prosecution of Kosovo will significantly increase transparency and efficiency in the Judiciary and will ensure the availability of data on court cases, improve ability to manage case flows through abandoning the slow and inaccurate manual procedures which are currently used in the Kosovo judiciary

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12/2013 to 12/2021



IMG Role

Implementing partner


The overall objective of this project is to develop and deploy a Case Management Information System as a main tool for the work of the Courts and the Prosecution Offices which will establish a foundation for a more efficient, transparent, and accountable judiciary in Kosovo through introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which among others, include:

• Transformation of Kosovo courts into e-courts, and prosecution offices into e-prosecution
• Proactive court and prosecution offices management based on real- time data and reports
• Availability of on-line services and information for citizens through the judicial web portal
• Establishment of a joint Data centre for both KPC and KJC at the Palace of Justice in Prishtina