What We Do

The mission of International Management Group is 
to support, manage and implement development and cooperation programmes and projects
 to the benefit of the host countries and on behalf the donors, upholding the highest standards of transparency, accountability and good governance. 

The main objectives of IMG are to:

  • Support, countries in transition, emerging and developing countries to enhance the necessary capacities and competences in:
    • improving the social and economic situation and the prosperity of their population;
    • assessing technical assistance, training and expertise required for their continuous and harmonious development;
    • establishing an efficient, transparent democratic government at the service of its citizens;
    • promoting the rule of law and a legal system that respects the fundamental liberties and the human rights of the citizens;
    • preserving peace and security within their society; and
    • instituting sustainable development compatible with the preservation of the natural wealth and of territories.
  • Assist and support the rehabilitation and reconstruction of fragile and/or in crisis/conflict countries.

In accomplishment of overall project goals and delivery of the defined objectives, IMG is fully equipped to operate and support a variety of areas. Some of those include:

  • General management training, customized specialized trainings, technical and vocational training; technical assistance, expert consultancy;
  • coordination and management of development and cooperation programmes; identification of needs, assessments, negotiations, engagement of external expertise, contracting;
  • design, construction and reconstruction of infrastructure;
  • procurement of equipment under clear and transparent procedures, in accordance with best business practices;
  • assistance to countries in post crisis: design, construction and reconstruction of infrastructure;  needs assessment and procurement of equipment according to best business practices
  • identification and engagement of expertise for development of manuals, rulebooks, and legislative bills.


 IMG is able to call upon a broad scope of competences to manage a whole range of activities in a number of sectors:

  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Environment (incl. water and waste management)
  • Energy
  • Rural/regional development
  • Law enforcement
  • Justice  (including legislation)
  • Development of ICT solutions for national/local administrations
  •  Institutional Support and Capacity Building

In addition, IMG provides project management, supervision and monitoring of complex multi-sectoral programmes that may encompass several of the sectors mentioned above.

Current Portfolio
Currently 1 projects in 2 countries with total value of 2,387,510€



  • 2,387,510€ TOTAL VALUE

IMG has directly managed more than 560 contracts in 26 countries

  • 560 PROJECTS


  • 560,000,000€ TOTAL VALUE