Who we are

Under its Statute, IMG enjoys all the powers and capacities needed to operate as a fully independent and sovereign international organisation in order to carry out its mission and objectives.

In particular IMG possesses full legal personality and capacity, may contract with natural or legal persons, sign Headquarters Agreements and international conventions with sovereign states, other international organizations or entities, institute legal proceedings, hire international staff and manage specific budgets and resources

The Governing Body of IMG is a Standing Committee composed of representatives of its Member States who meet on an annual basis. The Standing Committee approves the budget and accounts of the organization, elects its President and nominates the General Director of the Administration and examines the various questions and decisions which are submitted to it by the Administration.

You can download our Statute.   

The Presidency of the Standing Committee, IMG Governing Body composed of Representatives of its Member States is ensured by former French Ambassador, Maryse Daviet.

The Administration /Secretariat of the Organisation is composed of international and national staff. IMG has an Operational Head Office in Belgrade and an Administrative Head Office in Sarajevo as well as a Permanent Representative Office in Brussels. IMG may also open operational local offices  in the countries where it manages projects and programmes. 

The General Manager of IMG is fully responsible for all the decisions, activities and operations of the Organisation.



General Manager


Permanent Representative in Brussels


Deputy General Manager


Head of Office in Republic of Serbia


Head of Office for Kosovo and North Macedonia


Director of Finance